Thank you for your interest in Ochsner for a preceptor or practicum educational experience.

An active academic affiliation agreement with Ochsner and an active RN Louisiana license is required of all nursing students. If you are a student in a program that will yield additional licensure, such as an APRN, your program must have program approval to offer clinical educational experience with the Louisiana State Board of Nursing (LSBN). Programs approved for clinical experience in Louisiana can be found on the LSBN website.

If you are seeking an educational opportunity in Mississippi, the same applies but with an active RN Mississippi license and Mississippi State Board of Nursing program approval, if additional licensure is expected.

Please note that we are committed to the professional development of our employees and do prioritize Ochsner employees as well as highly rated graduate programs locally and across the nation.

We are currently accepting applications for rotational experiences for students in the Fall, Spring, Summer time frames. Requests for placement should be submitted no later than three months prior to the start of the requested rotation and no later than two months prior to the start of their rotation if their preceptor was confirmed by their program via an established relationship. Requests will be fulfilled based on preceptor availability.

If you have already secured a preceptor, please download the forms below and submit them to no later than 2 months prior to your start date. All forms for completion are listed in the resource section at the bottom of the page.

The timeframes for applications are:

Application Deadline
Program/Student Notification
Fall (September-December)
June 1st
July 1st
Spring (January-April)
October 1st
November 1st
Summer (May-August)
February 1st
March 1st

New forms are required each semester. An application and datasheet is required for each preceptor. Please download and save the forms using the format Name. Form. Semester Year.pdf For example the application would be JohnDoe.application.spring2019.pdf