If you are at an LCME- or AOA-accredited medical school:

Please log in to the AAMC Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) for full details and application process and to view our elective catalog. Electives are approved with a maximum of 2 4-week elective rotations and are based on academic merit and availability. Because the selection process is highly competitive, we ask that students please allow a minimum of 6 weeks for proper approval. Please note that because of our increasing number of affiliate partnerships and the high demand for educational rotations at Ochsner, opportunities for visiting students from nonaffiliated schools may be limited.

Please Note

All information requests must come through the UGME Office of Student Services.

Students are NOT to directly contact Ochsner Health System faculty and administrative staff in an attempt to arrange clinical/research experiences. The UGME Office of Student Services is responsible for scheduling ALL elective requests. All students must follow the established guidelines and procedures without exception.

Send student inquiries and status requests to:
Ochsner Clinic Foundation
Undergraduate Medical Education
1514 Jefferson Highway
Academic Center, First Floor
New Orleans, LA 70121