4 weeks


To improve the understanding and knowledge of the diverse specialty that is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Emphasis will be placed on patient evaluation focusing on the patient's functional abilities, long-term outcome, and rehabilitation plan. Students will have exposure to a diverse inpatient population, outpatient clinic practice, and consult service. There will be added opportunities for participation to further the students' understanding in prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchair evaluation, and musculoskeletal outpatient issues.

Course Outline

This student elective will be structured with each individual's specific interest in mind. There will be ample opportunity to focus on a variety of different issues regarding rehabilitation medicine. This could include the diverse inpatient population including cerebrovascular accidents, spinal cord injury, amputees, and multitrauma patients. The consultation service allows the clinician to initially evaluate the patient and to address specific rehabilitation goals while still on the acute floor. The outpatient clinic service will have strong emphasis on musculoskeletal issues including low back pain, sports medicine, work - related injuries, as well as neurological rehabilitation of patient follow-ups. Opportunities for research, case reports, and/or short presentations will be available based on students' interest.

Method of Evaluation

By staff evaluation.