There are currently not any emergencies to report, Ochsner is operating normally.

In the event of an emergency, this space will be used to provide timely information to the Ochsner community. It will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.

Disaster Preparation

Hurricanes and New Orleans

Living with the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes is a part of living in the southeast, particularly in areas along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and ends November 30. Because our first concern is for the safety of our patients, students and employees, Ochsner has plans and teams in place, ready to respond should a storm threaten the New Orleans area. In partnership with local and state emergency officials, we plan ahead and continually make improvements to our emergency plans and procedures.

Student Responsibility

We will require all students to develop their own personal emergency plans in the event that there is a hurricane threat to New Orleans. These plans should include transportation and destination arrangements.

It is important to note that in the event of a call for evacuation, no students will be allowed to remain or seek shelter in any Ochsner facility. Only personnel essential to the care of patients and operation of the facility are allowed to remain on the campus.

Ochsner Disaster Plan

Should a severe hurricane threaten the New Orleans area and an evacuation is called by local officials, students will be advised to seek shelter outside the city. Ochsner emergency personnel will make every effort to provide as much advanced notice as possible and the Academic Division Administrative staff will take responsibility to assure that all students receive necessary information.

Ochsner has several mechanisms to “stay in touch” with students and employees, to include toll free call-in numbers, emergency web sites that are activated at the time of the emergency and each student will have an administrative contact for questions and updates.

Our primary concern is the safety of our students and we are committed to providing information in a timely manner in the event of an emergency so that all students can seek safe shelter and following the event return to their program as quickly as possible.