Founders’ Biographies


Alton Ochsner, M.D.

Selected Published Papers:

  • Cancer of the lung. Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society, 1954.
  • On the bitter truth about tobacco. Executive Health, 1973.
  • My first recognition of the relationship of smoking and lung cancer. Preventive Medicine, 1973.


Edgar Burns, M.D.

Selected Published Papers:

  • Prostatic obstruction and some of its common complications. New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, 1944.
  • Surgical procedures on the vesical neck. Trans Am Assoc Genitourin Surg, 1957.


Guy A. Caldwell, M.D.

Selected Published Papers:

  • New developments in the treatment of compound fractures. Trans Southern Surgical Assn, 1940.
  • Spondylolisthesis: analysis of 59 consecutive cases. Trans Southern Surgical Assn, 1943.
  • Repair of bony defects associated with osteomyelitis. Trans Southern Surgical Assn, 1945.


Francis E. LeJeune, M.D.

Selected Published Papers:

  • Lipidol in otolaryngology. New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, 1929.
  • The surgical treatment of early carcinoma of the larynx. Laryngoscope, 1951.
  • Tumors of the larynx. J La State Med Soc, 1955.


Curtis Tyrone, M.D.

Selected Published Papers:

  • Hysterectomy; a personal experience with 2000 consecutive cases in private practice. Ann Surg, 1951.
  • Total hysterectomy, vaginal or abdominal. J La State Med Soc, 1953.
  • Procidentia of the uterus; experience with 166 cases. Ann Surg, 1957.