Frequently Asked Questions - Ochsner Journal

  • Where can I read the Ochsner Journal?

    The full text of the Ochsner Journal is available at the Ochsner Journal website and is also fully archived and searchable on PubMed Central. You can also sign up here to receive an electronic table of contents when we publish a new issue. 

  • Who can submit a manuscript to the Ochsner Journal?

    Ochsner Journal welcomes manuscript submissions from healthcare professionals and researchers across the world. Our editorial mix includes original research, case reports, literature reviews, editorials, and other articles that span the spectrum of medical practice and scientific research. Residents may submit but cannot be the corresponding author.

  • My manuscript includes a table/figure/picture from another article. That’s OK, right?

    Ochsner Journal will only print material from other publishers with written permission. If the materials are copyright protected, you may not use them in any form without written permission. As part of our review process, we will research the source of all tables/figures and query you about permissions. If you do not secure written permission for publication, the table/figure in question will be removed from your manuscript. If you have questions about using material from another source, please contact us

  • I’m submitting a case report to the Ochsner Journal. Do I need a patient consent form?

    Yes, all case report submissions must include a signed patient consent form. In the event of the patient’s death, however, no consent form is needed. Download our patient consent form.

  • Does the Ochsner Journal charge author fees?

    No, Ochsner Journal does not have author, submission, or page charges.

  • I submitted a manuscript to the Ochsner Journal. What now?

    Once your manuscript has been peer reviewed, you will receive an email from our editor-in-chief with his decision about your article. Your manuscript may be rejected, conditionally accepted pending revision, or accepted without revision. If revision is required, you will have time to revise and resubmit. After your article is accepted, our medical editors will copyedit your article and return it to you for approval. When you receive your copyedited manuscript, share it with your coauthors, answer all queries, and make any final edits. After you return the copyedited version, you will be sent a final proof for review. At proof stage, corrections are only made for egregious errors. Once you send back your proof, then your article continues to press for publication, and you’ll be notified again when the issue is released. 

  • If my article is selected for publication, who owns the copyright?

    When you submit your manuscript for consideration and review, you must also submit a signed copyright transfer agreement. This document transfers or otherwise conveys all copyright ownership to the Ochsner Journal in the event of publication. The copyright transfer agreement also includes acknowledgements of author responsibility and financial disclosure. All listed authors must sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement

  • How do I get a copy of the Ochsner Journal?

    Ochsner Journal prints a limited number of each issue. Contact us to discuss obtaining a copy or subscribe to our eTOC here.

  • Can I review for the Ochsner Journal?

    If you would like to be a reviewer for the Ochsner Journal, please email with your interest and a copy of your CV.

  • Can you tell me more about the Ochsner Journal’s audience and reach?

    Ochsner Journal provides a wide range of peer-reviewed, timely, and practical information for practicing physicians, healthcare professionals, and physicians in training. In publication since 1999, the Journal is designed to support Ochsner’s mission to improve the health of our community through a commitment to medical research, innovation, education, and clinical care. Each calendar year generally includes two theme issues and two issues devoted to general medical topics. Through its presence at PubMed Central, the Ochsner Journal averages more than 60,000 items accessed per month.