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Release Date: 10/21/2022

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Ochsner Medical Student Association (OMSA) Radiology Student Interest Group recently hosted a symposium to build awareness for the broad career opportunities in interventional radiology and to further educate medical students through an engaging lecture series.

The 5th Annual Southeastern Interventional Radiology Medical Student Symposium was held on October 8th, 2022 in the Ochsner Center for Academic Excellence. The event brought together guest faculty and medical students from programs around the country for a weekend of education and networking. It also offered live device demonstrations of new technology where students could actively participate.

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The Program Chairs from the Ochsner Radiology Department were James Milburn, MD, Vice Chair, Radiology, Juan Gimenez, MD, Section Head, Radiology, and Paul Gulotta, MD. Guest speakers were from across the country and included:

  • Allan Brooke, MD Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Ann K. Jay, MD, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital
  • Dennis Kay, MD, Ochsner Health
  • Vijay Ramalingam, MD, Harvard University
  • Joshua Hirsch, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • D. Thor Johnson, MD, PhD, Medical University South Carolina
  • Rachel Oser, MD, University of Alabama Birmingham
  • Violiza Inoa, MD, University of Tennessee
  • Jay Shah, MD, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Anthony DePalma, MD, Emory University
  • Richard Marshall, MD, Tulane University
  • James Milburn, MD, Ochsner Health

The Ochsner Radiology Interest Group seeks to bring together students interested in Radiology, promote learning about the field, and better understand what a career in this field entails. Savannah Dennis, MS4, The University of Queensland Ochsner Clinical School serves as president of the OMSA Radiology Student Interest Group.