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Annual Report 2022 - 2023

What does a year of progress look like for Ochsner Academics? It is defined by extensive efforts to expand the pipeline of exceptional healthcare providers trained “The Ochsner Way,” who better represent patients in the community. It means increasing access to innovative therapeutic options—especially for those traditionally underrepresented in clinical trials. Through growth and expansion, Ochsner is improving health equity in Louisiana and the region to attain better health.

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Annual Report 2021 - 2022

This year we celebrate The University of Queensland – Ochsner Clinical School program and graduating class who received a 98% match rate through the National Resident Matching Program®. The report also highlights many examples of the extraordinary research occurring across our Research Centers of Excellence. The professionalism, dedication, and innovative spirit in Academics allows us to offer our patients and communities better health and brighter futures.

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2021 Academics Annual Report Cover

Annual Report 2020 - 2021

At Ochsner Academics, our goals are threefold: Grow the pipeline with diverse healthcare providers trained in The Ochsner Way who represent the patients and communities they serve; increase access to therapeutic options through research and drive evidence-based medicine through clinical trials; and use data to advance our knowledge of medical science and improve outcomes for patients. Over the last year, we’ve accomplished much in all three areas.

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2020 Academics Annual Report Cover

Annual Report 2019 - 2020

COVID-19 is not the first unprecedented crisis that Ochsner and our community have faced. We survived Hurricane Katrina, bouncing back from that stronger and learning the value of a community coming together to find solutions. That experience helped prepare us for this one. We learned that when faced with a crisis, you can either hide or you can decide to make a difference.

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Academics Annual Report Cover

Annual Report 2018 - 2019

At Ochsner Academics, our story demonstrates the potency of choosing to propel ourselves forward into excellence, knowing that our community is more than worth such an investment. We are proud to be well on the way to ensuring that we can provide groundbreaking care from the healthcare workforce of the future.

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