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Ochsner Health Main Campus front of building

Ochsner residency programs are supported within the framework of a comprehensive group practice model. While “University” hospitals and medical schools are often characterized by departmental, administrative, and academic boundaries, the Ochsner Health is an integrated medical practice where all physicians work collaboratively and synergistically within the same administrative structure. This model permeates our environment and results in what we believe to be an excellent framework for practicing superlative medicine and a rich crucible for learning. Moreover, our partnership with the internationally renowned University of Queensland, as well as affiliations with local Universities assures a diverse and stimulating environment. We look upon our residents as our future colleagues, and are quite particular to nurture an atmosphere of individual attention and family cohesiveness. Ochnser is a place where faculty get to know the residents personally, and take an individual interest in each trainee’s career and professional success.

At any one time there are at least 260 interns, residents, and fellows in the Ochsner Health System. As an Ochsner resident, you are part of a large, well-organized, well-funded training population. You will develop relationships with residents in other specialties that may continue throughout your career. Our programs take place in an environment designed to facilitate learning from a variety of sources: from faculty, from fellow residents, and independently through reading and study materials. We focus equally on all elements of training.