The objectives of the one year fellowship include clinical, education and research components. The clinical program emphasizes a comprehensive perioperative management. Fellows will participate in preoperative evaluation of the candidates at the Ochsner Preoperative evaluation clinic on a weekly basis. In addition, 2 times per week, fellows will participate in a multidisciplinary selection committee that is a discussion of OLT candidate suitability for liver transplantation. Fellows will be prepared to contribute as an anesthesia consultant.

Fellowship candidates will also routinely experience intraoperative management of all organ abdominal transplants offered at the Ochsner Clinic. The largest experience will be in the intraoperative care of Orthotopic Liver Transplants. The experience will begin with room setup, insertion of invasive monitors and large IV access both peripheral and central and basic transesophageal echocardiogram. It will also include management of large volume ressusitaion, management of coagulopathy with TEG and HEPCON and continuous intraoperative dialysis. Fellows will also have the opportunity to participate in pediatric liver transplantation, living related kidney transplantation, cadaveric kidney and pancreatic transplantation . During a one year experience, the fellow will participate in more than 50 cases of liver transplantation. In accordance with the new UNOS regulation, a one year fellow will achieve sufficient qualifications to become Director of Liver Transplant Anesthesia at other major medical centers.

This teaching program is supported by 6 attending anesthesiologists who have considerable experience and expertise in evaluation of patients for liver transplantation, including those with cardio-pulmonary, renal and coagulation abnormalities and acute liver failure. In addition, fellows will participate in three multidisciplinary case conferences throughout the year focusing on challenging liver transplant cases.