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Colon and Rectal Surgery Fellowship Group Photo

The Ochsner Health Colon and Rectal Surgery fellowship is an ACGME accredited one-year program offered for physicians who have satisfactorily completed an approved residency in General Surgery and who are eligible for examination by the American Board of Surgery. The fellowship is led by Dr. Brian Kann and Dr. Forrest Johnston supported by world-class physicians and staff within the department. We are currently offering two appointments annually through the Colon and Rectal Surgery Matching Program.

Brian Kann, MD
Brian Kann, MD - Program Director
Forrest Johnston, MD
Forrest Johnston, MD - Assistant Program Director

Colon and Rectal fellows are joined by a senior general surgery resident to form three separate services. In addition to the senior resident, two junior general surgery residents are assigned to the service and their activities are divided among the three staff services. The senior general surgery resident rotates for three months in the Colon and Rectal Surgery department. While in the department the resident functions in the same way as the Colon and Rectal fellows.

Services are changed monthly so that the general surgery senior resident has exposure to each of the staff services to compensate for the relatively short rotations. Follow-up in the hospital and clinic is encouraged so that trainees can appreciate the continuum of care delivered by Colorectal surgeons and long-term outcomes of treatments and interventions we provide.

The Department of Colon and Rectal Surgery strives, through conferences, seminars, daily hospital rounds, and operative procedures, to correlate clinical material with basic sciences. Every effort is made to teach the skills of colon and rectal surgery to all house officers. In addition, by maintaining an inquisitive and exciting atmosphere, it is our hope that house officers will be stimulated to make original contributions to the science of colon and rectal surgery. By granting graduated responsibility under staff supervision to each house officer at every level, it is our goal to help house staff develop technical skills, judgement, and confidence. In this manner, we are committed to providing and maintaining the highest standard of training and patient care.