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The Department has a one-year funded research position which is filled by a physician who has satisfactorily completed an approved residency in General Surgery. The research fellow conducts and participates in ongoing basic science and clinical colorectal research under the direction of the Jennifer Paruch, MD our Head of Colorectal Surgery Research.

Colon and Rectal fellows are urged to conduct clinical research using existing clinical datasets. In addition, they are invited to participate in on-going clinical studies conducted by staff members of the department. Colon and Rectal fellows are required to write at least one paper for possible publication or presentation at a national meeting during the academic year. They are given the opportunity of attending at least one national meeting during the year with expenses paid. In addition, financial assistance is available for fellows who are presenting papers at other major national meetings.

Jennifer Paruch, MD

Jennifer Paruch, MD
Director of Colon and Rectal Surgery Research

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