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Stephano Bonitto

Stephano Bonitto

George Washington University

I wanted to find a program that would offer me a ton of operative experience while also keeping all doors open for fellowship and self-growth. I wanted to work with attendings and co-residents who could support me as I learn all that it takes to become a surgeon. I wanted to work for an institution that believes in and does make an impact on communities within and outside their city. Ochsner does all of these things and more. New Orleans is better because of this health system. I knew when I started working at Ochsner I would be able to become the great surgeon and physician-scientist I wish to be. If you are between programs all I can say is, pick Ochsner, you won't regret it.

Makayla Cornelius

Makayla Cornelius

E. Tennessee State

When I was looking for a surgery program, my main goal was to find somewhere that I could be prepared to practice either general surgery in a community setting or pursue a fellowship if I chose. I remember Dr. Fuhrman saying in his welcome that Ochsner was the perfect place for people who weren’t exactly sure where academics fit into their lives. This really resonated with me and made me feel like Ochsner would support me in any career path I chose. I absolutely loved my interview day and everyone I met! I felt like I really connected with my interviewers and that I would fit right into the group of residents at Ochsner. The great culture among residents and faculty was obvious during my interview, and I felt confident that Ochsner would be a place where I could thrive and grow. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to train here and explore all that New Orleans has to offer!

Chelsea Lancaster

Chelsea Lancaster

University of Louisville

When looking at different residency programs, one of the main things that I was looking for in a program was the ability to graduate after five years and feel confident going straight into practice if I wanted to, but also the ability to match into competitive fellowships if that’s what I decide. During the interview, I was impressed by the operative volume, matching into competitive fellowships, how genuine everyone was, and so much more. I feel confident that Ochsner will provide me with excellent general surgery training and the support to pursue fellowship if desired. Another important aspect of a program to me is the culture. Even through virtual interviews, I could tell that there is a culture of teamwork and camaraderie amongst the residents and the faculty. This was something I was really looking for and I’m so glad I get to be a part of this team. I’m looking forward to all the things I will learn and the ways I will grow over the next 5 years. To top it all off, I get to live in New Orleans which has so much to offer and has been a lot of fun so far!

Peter Liao

Peter Liao

University of Queensland

After going to the UQ-Ochsner program for medical school and doing rotations at Ochsner, I knew that I would receive incredible training here. I was able to experience how diverse and complex the patient population was and how there was a very high operative volume. On top of that, I quickly realized the strong camaraderie among the residents and faculty, and I desired to be a part of such a close family. I am confident that Ochsner is well equipped in training me to become a strong, competent surgeon and succeed in whatever path I decide for my career whether it be general surgery or fellowship. Coming from the west coast, I was unsure whether I would fit in the south. I quickly came to love the culture and excitement of New Orleans from all the festivals it has to offer and the genuine kindness of its people.

Nick Meyers

Nick Meyers

Louisiana State University - New Orleans

My ideal program when applying was one that had high operative volume, early introduction into the OR, and a culture of true camaraderie and support. I found all of this and more at Ochsner. Every Ochsner resident I worked with during medical school would talk about how much they love their program and how well they got trained. It became apparent during my interview that this was where I needed to be when I was able to joke with my interviewers and they were genuinely interested in my goals. My training at Ochsner will more than prepare me to go directly into general surgery practice out of residency, but there are also plenty of opportunities for me to work towards fellowship if my goals change. The faculty is incredibly supportive, and we all really treat each other like family. Plus, nothing beats being able to work and live in New Orleans close to my family.

Sydney Schmitt

Sydney Schmitt

Baylor College of Medicine

I knew Ochsner would be an incredible place to train being a community-academic program with early and generous operative experience. I think Ochsner's program provides a breadth of opportunities to the surgical trainee that aligned with my mission to provide surgical care for patients from all walks of life, satisfied by our experiences on all services at Ochsner Main and affiliated campuses, our general surgery rotations out in Houma, and Level I trauma center UMC. New Orleans is a city with a diverse population and rich cultural history. The kindness and generosity that comes with deep cultural roots permeates through the community fostered at Ochsner amongst faculty, staff, trainees, and patients. There is true community at this program. Combined with the amount of graduated autonomy offered throughout every level, it’s not surprising that training at Ochsner is well regarded throughout the medical community.

Rachel Talton

Rachel Talton

University of Mississippi

During my interview process I was looking for a residency that would have the staff, facility, and volume of cases to prepare me to be an excellent surgeon. Just as important, I wanted to find a group of residents with whom I felt comfortable and knew I would be able to work with. I had the opportunity to do an away rotation at Ochsner and got to see firsthand that it had everything I was looking for in a program, so it was a no brainer for me when it came time to make my rank list.

Eric Veytsman

Eric Veytsman

University of South Carolina

During interview season, the criteria I was looking for from programs were high operative volume, early OR experience, a positive learning environment, and most of all a strong camaraderie among residents. After my interview at Ochsner, I realized it had met all my criteria and more. Ochsner produces confident and competent surgeons that have matched into highly competitive fellowships or have gone on to private practice. I feel that at Ochsner whatever I decide to do, either fellowship or general surgery, I will be supported and prepared along the way while working with individuals that I enjoy being around inside and outside of the hospital. New Orleans is a vibrant city with a unique culture and phenomenal food. I am very excited to be at Ochsner and so grateful to have matched here.

Leyann Dahlgren

Leyann Dahlgren

University of Kansas

I was drawn to Ochsner for residency for three main reasons. For one I knew that I was going to get excellent training, with a strong case volume and early involvement in the OR. Ochsner not only matches residents into highly competitive fellowships but also produces competent, confident surgeons ready for independent practice straight out of residency. Secondly, the variety of operative experiences, patient pathologies, and high acuity of cases attracted me to the program. And most importantly I wanted to come to Ochsner because of the camaraderie amongst the residents and faculty. I felt that I was going to be truly supported and cared for by my fellow residents and staff.

Akram Farran

Akram Farran

Florida State

I was looking for a program with high operative volume, established reputation, and solid camaraderie among its residents. During my interview with Ochsner, it became quickly apparent that the program fit all I was looking for. The faculty truly enjoy their profession and teaching residents who are not only coworkers but also friends. Ochsner provides great and diverse opportunities for residents to become skilled surgeons in competitive fellowships or private practice. Moving from Florida to New Orleans has been a welcoming transition as the city offers great scenery, food, and people.

Taylor Harris

Taylor Harris

E. Tennessee State

It was important to me to find a residency program that would keep all doors/opportunities open and offer high operative volume while providing a supportive environment. Ochsner does this and more! I am confident that whatever path I choose, general surgery or fellowship, I will be both prepared and supported along the way. The program is also dedicated to consistently finding opportunities to improve. One major aspect that drew me to Ochsner was the camaraderie among the residents and staff, which was apparent from the beginning. I knew I would receive excellent training and be happy here! The opportunity to experience these things with great people by my side in the incredible city of New Orleans is something I’m truly grateful for!

Cora Ianiro

Cora Ianiro

University of Queensland

After attending the UQ-Ochsner program for medical school, I knew early on that I wanted to stay at Ochsner for my training. I have grown to love and cherish the unique culture and special people of New Orleans. The large catchment of underserved, affluent, and rural patients is unlike any other program in the city and is a standout strength of Ochsner. You truly help people from all walks of life. I also knew Ochsner would provide me with strong technical training, first and foremost as a general surgeon, and have every opportunity to pursue a fellowship

Sanaa Prasla

Sanaa Prasla

Univ. of Texas – San Antonio

When looking at surgery programs, I wanted a place where I would feel supported, work with people I genuinely wanted to see inside and outside the hospital, have approachable attendings, and graduate as a confident surgeon. Ochsner exceeded those expectations. Ochsner trains excellent surgeons whether for general practice or for further fellowship training, and I liked seeing those graduates from here pursued both routes. Plus, we get to train in NOLA; I’ve heard it’s a pretty cool city.

Catherine Spencer

Catherine Spencer

Mercer University

I chose Ochsner because I wanted to train in a place that I knew would create a competent, well-rounded surgeon that would be fellowship or general practice ready alike. I chose Ochsner because the late Friday afternoon interview felt more like talking with friends than just another Zoom call. I chose Ochsner because I knew that New Orleans and her people would not only challenge me as a surgeon, but also pick me back up when I needed it most. I chose Ochsner on Match Day, and I'm so glad I did.

Adriana Tormos Abadia

Adriana Tormos Abadia

Univ. Central del Caribe

Throughout the residency application cycle Ochsner was one of the programs that remained at the top of my list. It offered all the things that I was looking for in residency: Excellence in training, high case volumes, camaraderie among residents and a diverse patient population. During meet and greets and interviews it was evident that residents and staff enjoyed working together and the culture at the program was one of teamwork and respect. Ochsner also has a proven track record of training excellent, safe surgeons who can go straight into general practice or pursue competitive academic fellowships, which was important to me when considering programs. Living here now, it's also great to take part in the exciting cultural, musical, and culinary experiences New Orleans has to offer!

Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes

Wake Forest

When I was evaluating programs for residency, I focused on reputation, post-residency placement, and location of training. Ochsner excelled in all these areas. Its reputation as a strong general surgery program was frequently mentioned by my mentors in medical school. Additionally, Ochsner’s graduates were placed into competitive fellowships as well as directly into practice as general surgeons. This assured me the strength of the program matched the reputation as the residents were confident to enter practice without additional training. Lastly, the opportunities to explore the music, food and outdoors in and around New Orleans is truly unmatched in the United States. I’ve had many great experiences in New Orleans with the Ochsner residents and look forward to many more!

Erin Berni

Erin Berni

LSU – New Orleans

When researching programs and deciding what qualities I was looking for in a residency, I quickly realized that there were plenty of programs that boasted high surgical volumes, diverse patient populations, and broad-based surgical training. However, Ochsner stood out amongst these for its ability to consistently produce confident and competent surgeons who could match into competitive fellowships or go straight into practice at the end of five years of residency. Overall, Ochsner felt like a place where I could learn to be a capable, caring surgeon in the company of people who care for each other as much as they care for their patients.

Victoria Cox

Victoria Cox

Univ. of Kansas

I chose Ochsner because I wanted a program where I had options. Ochsner will give me the training to either go into fellowship or straight into general surgery practice. I also wanted a group of faculty and co-residents that would be supportive. Throughout the interview process, Ochsner was the only program that I felt like I was not going to be limited.

Spencer Jackson

Brody School of Med at E Carolina

The 2020 interview season was a new experience for students and programs alike. When researching programs, I knew that I wanted to train at an institution that prides itself in academic rigor, with strong case volumes all the while maintaining a supportive culture between both faculty and residents. It was clearly apparent on my interview day that these were all highly valued here at Ochsner. Since starting, I have been pleased to see how the camaraderie between my fellow co-interns, residents, and faculty lends itself to excellent patient care. As a French major in college, I couldn’t help myself but to be drawn into the rich culture and history of La Nouvelle-Orléans and La Louisiane. I am thrilled to start my training here at Ochsner and know that I will be readily prepared for whatever surgical career path I choose to follow.

Mitchell Temple

Univ. Of Queensland

Ochsner was an easy choice for me after doing multiple rotations here as a UQ-Ochsner student. I was immediately impressed by the wide variety of pathologies that the residents are exposed to here at Ochsner. As a tertiary referral center, Ochsner gives residents invaluable experience in high level procedures within all areas of surgery. I also appreciate how the program provides the opportunity to spend time training in rural settings each year because this allows the residents to become more confident in assessing and operating on common general surgery pathologies. It was clear to me that the residents here at Ochsner finish as well-rounded general surgeons, prepared for both private practice or fellowship. Adding in the fact that there is a great deal of camaraderie amongst the residents at Ochsner, it makes for a residency program that I am extremely proud to be a part of for the next five years.

Brian Viscomi

East TN State Univ

Ochsner is a wonderful place to train for a number of reasons. Ochsner has the reputation of graduating confident, skilled, and safe surgeons that are ready to go straight into general surgery practice or land spots in highly competitive subspecialty fellowships all throughout the country. What truly makes Ochsner special is the fact that this high-level training is provided within a culture of camaraderie, support, and mutual respect. The 2020 virtual interview season brought with it new challenges. Many programs struggled to convey their culture in an online format. During my interview with Ochsner, it was immediately clear that these are the kind of people I would be happy to see day in and day out. Ochsner has the operative volume to develop surgical skill, a well-regarded faculty dedicated to nurturing the next generation of surgeons, and a culture any surgical trainee would be lucky to be a part of. On top of that, you get to do it all in one of the most fun cities in America!

Christopher Zumwalt

Univ of N. Dakota

I interviewed at Ochsner because of the program's reputation. I chose Ochsner after learning about the breadth and depth of training offered to its residents, starting early in intern year. Through multiple training sites, ranging from the quaternary care offered at Ochsner Medical Center to the rural general surgery rotation in Houma, Ochsner gives its residents the opportunity to pursue competitive fellowships or to go straight into practice as general surgeons, with confidence. This opportunity is only furthered through the friendly and supportive training environment that's fostered by the residents and faculty.

Andrew Broussard

LSU – Shreveport

Being born and raised in South Louisiana, the opportunity to remain close to home while receiving excellent surgical training sent Ochsner to the top of my rank list. I thought very highly of the fact that, each year, this program sends residents to competitive fellowships throughout the country while also placing a fair number straight into private practice. The robust surgical case volume as well as the critical care experience were characteristics of this program that I regarded highly. It was apparent during the interview process that there was a strong comradery among the residents, which is very important in this training environment. The staff are all very well-trained and have been approachable since the first day. I couldn’t be happier with the situation that I am in and look forward to the full breadth of surgical training at Ochsner over the next five years.

Chloe Callier

Mercer Univ.

When I was interviewing and researching different programs a few things became very clear to me about what I wanted in my residency, which is why I was so excited to start my training at Ochsner. I wanted to complete my training somewhere that would enable me to become a competent, skillful surgeon, yet wouldn’t sacrifice a healthy atmosphere for learning. The general surgery residency at Ochsner offers its residents abundant and varied surgical volume, all the while maintaining a positive, team-oriented learning environment. This was obvious as I saw the relationships between residents of different years as well as with attendings, who all offered help and give guidance whenever it was needed. And while I’m not sure if I want to pursue fellowship training yet, I know that regardless of my decision I will be prepared for whatever path I want to take in the future as a result of my training and the opportunities available here at Ochsner. The amazing city of New Orleans is icing on the cake, too!

Matthew Canipe

Univ. of TX Southwestern

Ochsner was an easy sell for me once I found that the program's priorities and values aligned with mine and I would get to live in the wonderful city of New Orleans. Ochsner has a proven track record of molding excellent, confident general surgeons as well as preparing residents to thrive in fellowships after graduation. This flexibility was a must for me. Additionally, the culture at Ochsner is centered around teamwork and respect. This creates an optimal learning and working environment. When we are not working, we have one of the most entertaining cities in the nation to explore, relax, and have fun in.

Reginald Du

Univ. of TX – Houston

I knew that I wanted to be at a program with a high operative volume, independence, and residents with whom I would get along. I found these attributes at Ochsner, with an added realization that there is a dedication to constantly improve the program for the residents. I am confident that Ochsner will equip me with the tools necessary to constantly improve as a surgeon both during and after residency. Living in the neighborly, storied, vibrant city of New Orleans is also an undeniable enjoyment.

Faith Mason

Univ. of TX Med Branch – Galveston

When looking for the type of residency I wanted to be a part of, three qualities were at the top of my list: high surgical volume, a strong academic program, and a supportive culture. Ochsner easily has all three and it is evident from the first second you step through the doors. The camaraderie among the residents is like no other and the support from the faculty is superb. From the minute you start, you are an important part of the team and given the opportunity to step up and perform as such. You will be taught how to be an excellent surgeon here and Ochsner has the track record to back that statement up. The Program Director (Dr. Fuhrman) is wonderful and sets a great tone for this program. He is always striving to see how the program can improve and works closely with the residents to make sure they are a part of the planning team. New Orleans is a fantastic city to live in and will surprise you in the best way possible with its amazing culture, food, and people. I feel incredibly blessed to be here at such an amazing program.

Wm. Dolan Mitchell

Mercer Univ.

After an away rotation at Ochsner during medical school, I knew immediately where I wanted to be. This program provides the complex case load and opportunity for clinical research as seen in the larger academic systems, and combines this with the operative experience, autonomy, and individualized training of smaller, community-style programs. Specialty rotations such as transplant, pediatric surgery, and surgical oncology are all in-house, and the critical care training is incredible. The people here at Ochsner are second to none and made the decision to train here an easy one. We study under esteemed surgeons and staff, and with a group of residents that make you feel at home. Not to mention getting to do all of this in a city as special as New Orleans! Ochsner is an incredible place, and I feel confident that my training here will provide a solid platform for whichever type of surgical career I choose to pursue.

Elizabeth Darby Winter

Med. Univ. of So. Carolina

My name is Darby, I’m originally from South Carolina. I went to undergrad at the University of South Carolina and then did Medical School in Charleston, SC at MUSC. This has been my biggest move thus far and I am so happy to call New Orleans my home. Interview season for me had a lot to do with gut feelings - and when I came to Ochsner my experience interviewing won me over. Our training is broad and thorough, the leadership here inspires me to be better and work harder. And just as importantly - the people truly like each other and their jobs. As a plus, this city is so diverse and has such a beautiful culture - people, food, music, art. I’m excited to see what the next years have in store.


Ashlyn Alongi

Univ. of Alabama

I chose Ochsner for the large volume of high-acuity general surgery cases, where I would receive excellent surgical training from a diverse and energetic program. My goal is to become a safe and confident surgeon at the end of my training, striving to be innovative and collaborative in the field of general surgery. I was incredibly impressed by the caliber of staff, as well as the supportive environment among the residents. I believe the relationship between residents and staff surgeons is particularly unique to Ochsner; I knew I would easily find surgical mentorship. In considering a path of fellowship training, I believe Ochsner provides endless opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. It was a very easy decision to live in such a thriving city that already feels like home.

Adam Berenson

Texas A&M

As I evaluated programs during the interview process, the surgical reputation of Ochsner combined with the overall culture at the hospital ensured that it would stand out from the rest. The training encourages operative autonomy in order to develop our core technical skills, yet also exposes us to complex cases and high-level care. It is clearly evident that the faculty support our goals and are equally invested in our successes, whether that involves pursuing fellowship or practice opportunities afterward. Most importantly, the residents were very welcoming and friendly during my interview, and I knew with confidence I'd enjoy training with this group. To add to this, we’re able to begin our surgical careers while surrounded by the energy and excitement that is unique to New Orleans.

Sarah Budney

Creighton Univ.

When originally looking for residency programs, I had a very objective approach. I wanted a program that would allow me to pursue whatever path I may choose after training, whether that be a career operating as a rural general surgeon or a highly specialized academic surgeon. For that reason, I looked for programs which had a good balance of residents pursuing both of these routes. I also looked for programs with flexibility to take optional research years and/or the infrastructure to complete meaningful research in tandem with my training. From the objective aspect, many of the programs I interviewed at were similar. It was my subjective experience while interviewing that made it clear Ochsner was the right fit for me. I feel that having a comfortable training environment is crucial for residency. After all, it is where you are going to spend the next five years of your life. Ochsner is a healthy program in which residents are supported by one another as well as their faculty. While early autonomy and independence is highly encouraged, so is asking for help. Some of the first words of advice given to my class was that if the ship is sinking, load the boat. From my few weeks here, this is something I can say the residents truly believe in. They are always willing to help. All in all, at Ochsner I know I am going to receive top notch training in a supportive environment and will have the ability to choose the career path I want.

Manuel Giraldo Grueso

Pontificia Univ. Javeriana

I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, where I did my medical school at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. I chose Ochsner due to the reputation of the program, complexity of cases, and the teaching and supportive environment. The program gives you the opportunity to be able to practice general surgery and at the same time be competitive for a fellowship. I'm fortunate to be training in such a formidable institution. Additionally, New Orleans is a fantastic city, full of energy, culture, food, and diversity.

Heather Liebe

Univ. of N. Dakota

The first thing that struck me when interviewing here was the obvious care that the staff had for providing excellent education to the resident in a positive environment. As someone who is pursuing a career in pediatric surgery, finding a program that supported my goals was also important. Ochsner gave me the opportunity to take two years of dedicated research time and has supported me as I am now applying for pediatric surgery fellowship programs. Ochsner truly has it all and trains well rounded physicians who are able to enter directly into a rewarding career in general surgery or match into any fellowship of their choice. From journal clubs to OR experiences to managing patients on the floor, you will see a breadth of pathology and learn from attendings and other residents how to be an excellent surgeon and compassionate physician

Nicole Neal

Mercer Univ.

I knew by choosing Ochsner I would have the opportunity to receive excellent surgical training that would allow me to enter into practice as a general surgeon or match into a competitive fellowship. I also loved the genuine camaraderie between the residents and the support from the program director and faculty. I knew by coming to Ochsner, my best interest as a resident mattered. I am grateful to have this opportunity and proud to stand behind the mission to serve, heal, lead, educate and innovate. And it doesn’t hurt that I get to do all these great things in a city like New Orleans.

Jaron Pettis

Univ. of So. Carolina

When searching for a residency, three factors were important for me. Location, training, and resident camaraderie. At Ochsner all three are blatantly evident. New Orleans is an amazing city with an endless list of fun activities to do. The surgical training at Ochsner is some of the best in the country. In surgery, the Ochsner name is synonymous with surgical excellence. As for resident camaraderie, that was obvious during the interview. The residents here are invested in helping each other improve, and when not at the hospital we are hanging out and enjoying what New Orleans has to offer. Ochsner has everything I wanted in a residency program and made choosing Ochsner an easy choice.

Amanda Riggs

Univ. of Texas

I chose Ochsner because it had everything I was looking for in a program: high operative volume, a strong sense of camaraderie amongst residents, and faculty that are truly invested in resident education. I couldn’t be happier to spend the next 5 years in city as fun and unique as New Orleans and at a program with such a strong reputation in surgery. I am certain that in my time here I will receive top-notch training with experiences that will prepare me for any career path I may choose. I couldn’t have picked a better place to train or live!

Recent Graduates

General Surgery Graduates 2023


  • R. Bedi: Cardiothoracic Fellowship – Los Angeles, CA
  • K. Hoffman: Private Practice – Rock Springs, WY
  • W. P. Sawyer: Transplant Fellowship – Los Angeles, CA
  • M. Van Wert: Plastic Surgery Fellowship – Omaha, NE


  • A. Hahn: Critical Care Fellowship – Dallas, TX
  • K. Bennett: Breast Fellowship – Charlotte, NC
  • C. Pfister: Practicing surgeon at Norton Hospital in Louisville, KY
  • R. Phillips: Pediatric Surgery Fellowship – Oklahoma City, OK
  • D. Samaha: General Surgery Practice – Military/Navy
  • T. Vu: CT Fellowship – New Orleans


  • M. Ayo: General Surgery Practice – Lake Charles, LA
  • L. Clevenger: Surgical Critical Care Fellowship - MUSC
  • D. Jacks: Thoracic Fellowship – Ochsner
  • A. McMann: Critical Care Fellowship – Mobile, AL
  • G. Mize: General Surgery Practice – Columbus, GA
  • R. Morello: Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship – Memphis, TN
  • D. Schexnayder: General Surgery Practice – Mobile, AL


  • L. Belden: General Surgery Practice – Placerville, CA
  • B. Chapman: Critical Care Fellowship – New Orleans, LA
  • G. Hayek: Vascular Surgery Fellowship – St. Louis, MO
  • K. Ingram: General Surgery Practice – Ochsner – North Shore
  • D. McCabe: General Surgery Practice – Mt. Pleasant, SC


  • C. Cruz: General Surgery – Austin, TX
  • H. Kooperkamp: CTS Fellowship – Tufts
  • C. LeGros: General Surgery Practice – Virginia Beach, VA
  • L. McKean Baste: CRS Research Fellowship – Ochsner
  • J. Millien: Critical Care Fellowship – Dallas, TX
  • J. Pries: MIS/Bariatric Fellowship – Univ. of Missouri


  • S. Baker: Colon & Rectal Fellowship - Ochsner Health System
  • S. Hosein: MIS Fellowship - University of Nebraska
  • J. Schoen: Critical Care Fellowship - UMC
  • B. Scott: General Surgery Practice - Lake Wales, Florida
  • W. Seale: General Surgery Practice - Sulphur, LA


  • J. Babin: LSU Surgical Critical Care
  • N. Bolton: Mt Sinai Surgical Oncology
  • K. Chiasson: Plastic Surgery
  • J. Hebert: General Surgery Practice Monroe, LA
  • S. Talebinejad: LSU Surgical Critical Care
  • S. Tanaka: Plastic Surgery Summa Health Ohio


  • B. Champagne: Colorectal Surgery Atlanta, GA<< /li>
  • M. Factor: Yale Surgical Critical Care
  • K. Jakob: General Surgery Baton Rouge, LA
  • G. Menard: MIS – University Missouri Kansas City
  • W. Terral: Hand Surgery – U Mississippi


  • B. Hamby: U.C Davis – Vascular Surgery
  • N. Lyons: General Surgery Houma, LA
  • B. Martinez: LSU Surgical Critical Care
  • A. Rivere: Breast Surgical Oncology U Arkansas


  • G. Caton: Baylor University Medical Center Dallas – Colorectal Surgery
  • A. Heidt: Transplant Surgery University Pennsylvania
  • E, Wolfe: Plastic Surgery Tulane
  • N. Zea: Vascular Surgery Ochsner


  • D. Bourgeois: General Surgery Baton Rouge, LA
  • M. Do: Vascular Surgery UT Memphis
  • A. Gridley: MIS – San Antonio
  • A. Turbeville: General Surgery Myrtle Beach, SC
  • H. Urrego: MIS - Emory