Program Outline

  • 8 months of Hospital Service
  • 3 months of Clinical or Basic Research
  • 1 month of HLA/Immunology/Exercise Physiology
  • Experience in outpatient clinics and procedures will be provided during this 12-month program.

a) Rounds
Inpatient HTS rounds daily. These rounds all scheduled by the fellow with weekend rounds abbreviated occasionally if the service permits. The fellow reviews patients with the attending Transplant Cardiologist daily.

b) Immunosuppression Rounds
The fellow each p.m. discusses the immunosuppressant changes necessary in each patient with the hospital team.

c) Consults
The fellow will see all new inhouse transplant consults.

d) Patient Selection Committee
The fellow will attend Selection Committee Meetings and participate in the selection and workup process.

e) Teaching
In addition to routine teaching expected of house staff, the fellow is expected to prepare and give three one-hour lectures to the house staff and medical staff on topics of his choice.

f) Transplant/Operative Procedures
Attend all transplant/operative procedures during the seven month rotation.

Clinic Responsibilities

The Transplant and Heart Failure Clinic is conducted daily. The fellow will be expected to see patients in the afternoon, along with and in addition to, the Transplant Cardiologist in clinic.

HLA Immunology/Exercise Physiology

The fellow will spend one month working in the immunology laboratory learning the techniques, and reading and understanding basic immunology and immune therapy techniques.

Cardiovascular Surgery

The fellow will be expected to work closely with the Cardiovascular Surgeons and become familiar with the immediate post-operative management of post-transplant patients and ventricular assist device patients.

In addition, the fellow will participate in at least five organ acquisitions and assist in the management of five donors during the year.