Welcome to the Ochsner Internal Medicine Residency Program! Our dynamic program offers residents superb, state-of-the-art training at one of the largest private academic medical centers in the South. The Ochsner Internal Medicine Residency Program is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that will prepare residents to deliver comprehensive, compassionate, and cost-effective care. After finishing the program, our residents excel in private practice, research, academic and administrative positions, and prestigious fellowships throughout the country.

Balanced Lifestyle

Superb medical training in an academic environment that values the balance between personal and professional life in and out of the hospital. With the involvement of amazing support services, instituting a night float system, and providing solid academic support, we allow our residents the ability to gain the experience and training they need while also raising families and pursing other life goals and experiences that make you uniquely “you”. And with up to 10 call-free months a year you’ll have time to win triathlons, write books, or star in a Hollywood movie—all things our current or former residents have excelled at while completing our program.


At Ochsner, we are committed to education. As a program, we are always looking for new innovations to support and improve our learning environment. To round out your bedside learning experience, we provide protected didactic times for education presentations, discussions and group learning. Our Wednesday School program for interns which focuses on foundational principles and is later expanded in the Friday School program for upper level residents forms the core of the didactic programs. Regular Board review sessions, MKSAP study groups, Core Internal Medicine subspecialty lectures, Grand Rounds, Medical Jeopardy and M&M conferences also supplement the academic half-day program. In addition to traditional medical education, we devote time to career and personal development with workshops focused on Resident’s as Educators, Quality Improvement curriculum, Finance and Career Advancement curriculum, and Spanish in Medicine to help prepare our residents for all aspects of a career in Medicine.

A Voice

You are working on the front lines every day and are our best resources for continual improvement of our program. We take your input very seriously and have developed multiple forums for you to organize, plan, discuss and present solutions to educational needs and patient safety concern. Current examples include our Internal Medicine Review Committee, Residency Quality and Improvement Council, SOS Reporting Hotline for Patient Safety Events, and Culture of Safety Committee.