Internal Medicine Residents in Simulation Center TrainingPatient Diversity

Ochsner sees one of the most diverse patient populations in the world. Our residents routinely treat patients from the homeless to the world famous. Conditions range from simple cellulitis to previously unreported cases. As Ochsner serves as a tertiary center for the Gulf South and Latin America. With Ochsner’s 29 owned, managed and affiliated hospitals throughout Louisiana and the surrounding Gulf South states, and unmatched referral network, you never need to leave main campus for your training to receive an unmatched mix of pathology and diverse patients. In 2016 alone, Ochsner Main Campus received over 9,000 patient transfers. As a resident here, you never send a sick patient somewhere else; you are the sought after doctor when patients need special care.

The "4 + 2" System

We know that residency can be tough and we implemented our 4+2 system of scheduling to help you focus on what’s most important—your patients and your education. Here’s how the “4+2” is arranged. The year is divided into six-week blocks (this allows us to build two winter holiday weeks into the schedule, of which you will have one of the two off to spend time with your family… in addition to your four weeks of vacation!). The first four weeks of your block are devoted to wards, electives, consults or ICU/ER rotations. During this time, you will do wards, electives, ER, ICU, etc. just like you would in most programs. The difference is that there is no clinic during these blocks, which removes distractions and time crunches allowing you to focus fully on the work at hand. The last two weeks of the block are devoted solely to ambulatory clinics (i.e.your continuity clinics) which allows you the freedom to create a real panel of patients you consider your own.

Dynamic Academic Partnerships

Ochsner's unique partnerships with the Tulane and LSU Schools of Medicine ensure the highest quality academic exposure balanced with a highly technologically advanced private hospital system. Ochsner has also partnered with the University of Queensland in Australia to offer a global medical school experience. Our relationship with our six clinic conference partners, including the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics, also ensures a constant exchange of ideas.

High-Quality Patient Care and Focus on Patient Safety

Ochsner is nationally recognized for the excellent quality of care provided to our patients. US News & World Report ranked Ochsner Medical Center in the top 50 in seven categories on its Best Hospitals in America list. Ochsner is also a leader in efforts to improve patient safety. Ochsner was the only Louisiana teaching hospital ranked in the Thompson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals. Residents participate in quality improvement projects, which improve patient care and safety, and serve on patient safety committees.

Simulation Center Training

Internal Medicine Resident in Simulation Center Training

We begin teaching on bedside procedures starting in your PGY1 year. We utilize our state of the art simulation center to help you get comfortable placing central venous catheters, performing lumbar punctures, intubations, cervical health screenings and much more. All of our residents go through our central line training course which is run by Critical Care and Anesthesia staff to help you learn the safest and most up to date methods.

Available References and Electronic Medical Records

Residents have 24-hour access to the Ochsner Medical Library, which provides access to thousands of online journals, textbooks, and databases and can electronically obtain nearly any article ever published. UpToDate and many other medical databases are available on every computer terminal at Ochsner facilities. Each resident is also given a personal iPad with medical record access to allow a fully electronic medical system to make your days easier and more productive.