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Internal Medicine Photo Roster 2023-2024

Resident Stories

I grew up on Long Island, New York before attending Boston College for my undergraduate degree where I received a Bachelor of Arts in French. I've always loved to travel so when the opportunity arose to go to medical school overseas, I jumped at it. I attended the University of Queensland as a pure international student (an American not in the Ochsner program?! Shocking, I know!). I rotated at Ochsner during my fourth year of medical school and knew this is where I wanted to complete my residency training. The emphasis on didactic learning, diverse patient population, and supportive environment were just some of the many reasons I loved this program. The patients we receive are some of the most complex I've ever seen, which is fantastic from both a training and learning perspective; it allows for development of good clinical judgment and of the ability to manage multiple medical issues simultaneously. As someone interested in pursuing a nephrology fellowship, training at a center that had my sub-specialty of choice and research opportunities was important to me. The number of sub-specialties at Ochsner is a bonus in general because it means greater exposure and educational opportunities, making for a well-rounded physician. The collegial atmosphere is also strong here - I've felt supported by my colleagues, attendings, and other Ochsner staff.

Hi everyone! I’m Courtney and I grew up in Mobile, AL, the original birthplace of Mardi Gras (a controversial argument if you're not local). I received my Biomedical Sciences degree from the University of South Alabama and attended VCOM in Auburn for medical school. I spent many weekends visiting New Orleans as a child with my family and well into my undergrad years. I've always loved the vibrance of the city and the plethora of music and food it has to offer. I chose Ochsner because of the high acuity of patients, the camaraderie between the residents, and the opportunity for fellowship. As an intern that is 2 months in and finishing her ICU rotation, I can confidently say that the exposure to our complex patients has challenged me and allowed me to grow in my clinical decision-making from day 1. The learning curve during residency can be steep, but I've felt supported by my residents, fellows and attendings every step of the way. I also think our residency does an incredible job recognizing the importance of work-life balance with the 4+2 schedule. The 4+2 schedule was something I didn't fully grasp or appreciate as a 4th year medical student applying for residency, but it has been game-changing for me now that I'm here. I still have time to do all of my favorite things including walks at Audubon park, trivia nights, and listening to live music. I attended my first Red Dress Run recently with all of the residents which was an absolute blast. I feel fortunate to be training with the most wonderful co-residents and can't wait to see where the next 3 years lead me.

Hi y’all, my name is Kierha Baker. I grew up in Houston, Tx but spent the majority of my adult life in New Orleans, La. Yes, I am a proud New Orleans Saints fan. I received my Bachelors Degree from Dillard University and I loved New Orleans so much, that I stayed an extra year to get my Masters from Tulane. I was fortunate to attend The University of Queensland-Ochsner for Medical School which allowed me to pursue my dream of living in another country for a few years. Immediately after this great experience in Australia, I found myself yet again back in New Orleans for residency. This city has a way of ‘drawing you in’ with the rich culture, AMAZING food, and diverse population. Ochsner IM program is a representation of the community that it caters and the diverse and complex patient population makes this facility a great teaching hospital. The staff instills early on the importance of effective quality care and practicing cultural competence. I truly believe that after training in such a well-structured environment, that I will be able to pursue a career in the specialty of my choice.

Hey y’all, my name is Zi-on, and I grew up in Plano, TX before moving to Austin, TX to complete my bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Texas with a focus on mechanical design and technology commercialization. After graduation, I switched gears from biotech startups to working as a Management Consultant with Accenture for three years in their Chicago and San Francisco offices before once again pivoting careers to pursue medicine. I was fortunate enough to attend Texas A&M COM at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX, and I feel extremely blessed to complete my Internal Medicine residency at Ochsner here in New Orleans. Ultimately, Ochsner’s outstanding culture of medical education, robust regional medical presence, and remarkable sense of community drew me to this program. After residency, I hope to serve in a role that blends my experience in technology commercialization, business development, and clinical medicine.

My name is Cornelio, and I'm from Choluteca, a small agricultural city on the pacific coast of Honduras. Early on in my life I knew I wanted to be a physician. By the time I was in middle school I was volunteering as a translator for U.S. medical teams visiting my hometown. I visited New Orleans for the first time as a pre-med student while my mother was being treated at Ochsner. I clearly remember imagining what it would be like to practice as physician here, in a state-of-the-art facility, which was such a contrast from our hospitals back home. After my intern year in Honduras, I did one year of social service in Utila, a small island off the Caribbean coast. Soon after I established my practice where I did primary care clinic, house calls, emergencies , deliveries, but mainly focused in diving medicine, treating scuba divers with minor barotraumas to severe decompression sickness in a hyperbaric chamber. After a few years of practice, my wife and I decided to move to the US to start a family and I wanted to pursue more training.

Hey everybody! My name is Conor Dahlberg, I’m from a tiny town in Maine called Friendship which has a population of only about one thousand! I initially came down south for undergrad at Emory University in Atlanta where I majored in physics. Medical school brought me back up north to Tufts University. After spending a significant amount of time in both Atlanta and Boston I can honestly say that even after just a few months in New Orleans I can tell it will be an amazing city. First, the traffic -- or lack thereof! If you want to go to a restaurant, then for the most part you can drive there without bumper-to-bumper traffic and then park close to your destination. Second, the restaurant options here are functionally limitless! Third, the attractions of this city are incredible. Residency is an extremely busy time in your life so as you’ll find on your weekends and vacation weeks you will likely plan for friends/family to come visit. New Orleans is an incredibly easy place to host visitors because there are always so many ways to entertain guests here. In terms of the internal medicine program, I chose it because during the application process it checked most of my boxes, including: 1) Warm city, 2) 4+2 program, 3) Excellent fellowship match rates. Now that I’m a resident here I’m extremely happy with the results of the omnipotent computer program that is “The Match”. The quality of the clinical training, didactics, and hands-on procedural training has been phenomenal. Being able to have this amazing training alongside incredible co-residents will provide the tools and environment for me to become the best physician that I can be!

My name is Wes Duerson and I am a first-year resident from Dothan, Alabama. I attended the University of Miami where I triple majored in Chemistry, History, and Political Science. I went to medical school at the New York University School of Medicine. New Orleans is an incredibly exciting and very affordable place to live. The Audubon Zoo, Café Du Monde in City Park, and Saints games are a few of my favorite things to do in the city. For me, joining Ochsner meant joining the largest and fastest growing healthcare system in the state of Louisiana. This meteoric rise has been paired with a legacy of excellence in serving the people throughout the state of Louisiana and beyond for many generations. What makes the Internal Medicine program truly excellent are the residents and faculty of which it is comprised. The faculty members are truly compassionate towards residents, they care about your education, and you are treated with kindness and respect as a resident at Ochsner. Furthermore, the 4+2 schedule as well as the program’s focus on a true work-life balance for its residents have allowed me to actually go out and enjoy the city of New Orleans while I have lived here. As a resident I am currently earning my MBA from Louisiana Tech University, and after my training I plan on pursuing a fellowship in Hematology and Oncology.

Hey y’all! My name is Jasmine McNair. I was born and raised in Jackson, MS. I attended the Illustrious Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, AL where I received my B.S. degree in Biology. I then attended the University of Birmingham-Alabama where I received my Masters in Biomedical and Health Sciences. I worked in a microbiology lab for one year in Birmingham before attending the University of Mississippi Medical Center where I graduated with my MD in 2023. With New Orleans being so close to Jackson (2.5 hours to be exact) my family and I frequented New Orleans regularly. When it was time to apply to residency, New Orleans was number one on my list. From the FOOD to the culture to the Creole hospitality, I’ve always loved this city! When I interviewed with Ochsner, I instantly fell in love! Everyone was so laid back and friendly, I knew that I would feel welcomed if I matched here and I’m so glad that I did. Ochsner is a large, multi-specialty hospital that has many fellowships and research opportunities. I have already had so many great interactions with attending and fellow residents and I’m excited to see what the future holds. I truly believe that whatever path I take, Ochsner is preparing me to succeed in every way!

Hey! My name is Son Nguyen, and I am from New Orleans, LA! WHO DAT! I've been in New Orleans for the majority of my life. I went to Xavier University of Louisiana but later attended PCOM in Georgia for medical school. I ultimately decided to return home because of the city's rich culture, the warmth of the community, and the social ties I have here. During my fourth year sub-i at Ochsner, I knew this was a wonderful place for residency. Here at Ochsner, we emphasize wellness, coupled with a tight-knit community of residents, chiefs, and staff who offer unwavering support. You can't beat the 4+2 schedule! As it offers an optimal balance between work and personal time. The learning opportunities here are second to none. The exposure to a range of diverse, complex cases challenges me to elevate my medical knowledge and skills. Outside of medicine, I'm an outdoor enthusiast at heart. On my free time, catch me running around St. Charles, hiking new trails, or signing up for more adventures!

Hey y’all, I’m Karam! I grew up in a small town in Mississippi home to cornbread, blues, and unfortunately healthcare disparities as well. Feeling an enthusiasm to explore the intersection of medicine and social justice, I attended Millsaps College in Jackson, MS where I studied Biochemistry and Philosophy followed by the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Medicine. While New Orleans has a great deal to offer regarding my interests within and outside of medicine, I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to train here at Ochsner. I quickly felt right at home with the culture here; the patient population and the program itself comprise a myriad of voices, perspectives, and passions that continue to enrich my experiences. The intimate size coupled with the sheer number of resources available lends an individualized, holistic feel to my training that enables me to meet the patient volume I was looking for while making space for academic growth outside of clinical duties. I already owe so many close friendships with colleagues and mentors to the structure and size of the program, and exploring New Orleans itself with them has been a blast. Outside of medicine, I enjoy skating, jamming out, theatre, arcades, and eating great food. New Orleans has no shortage of these things and much more, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Hey everyone, my name is Ian Tobal. I grew up in South Florida, and yes that makes me a huge Miami Dolphins fan! I went to the University of Dayton for undergrad, and Kansas City University for medical school. I found myself drawn to Ochsner because it is a large integrated healthcare system that attracts complex patients from all over the Gulf South, and it’s located in one of America’s most exciting cities, plus having the chance to get away from the cold up in the Midwest didn’t hurt either. Ochsner offers residents a great balance between being challenged with complex patients and ample support to ensure you offer the highest quality care. This healthcare system has been repeatedly named #1 in the state of Louisiana, and while training here and witnessing the devotion to patients at every level, it is clear why. As someone who has lived all over the country, I try to look for community (and good food) in any place I'm planning to call home. The sense of community here at Ochsner, and in New Orleans as a whole, is unmistakable. Whether you are looking for someone to help you with a challenging case, or someone to explore the vibrant city with, you’ll have no problem finding either here. When I’m not enjoying the spoils of the program, I like to experiment with my Traeger grill, root on my beloved dolphins, and run around with my horse-sized dog.

Hello! My name is Bridget and I am from Niceville, Fl. I got my degree in Biology from the University of Florida (go Gators) and attended Campbell University in North Carolina for medical school. Being from the panhandle of Florida, I grew up spending weekends in New Orleans with my family. I have always loved the culture, architecture, and especially the food this beautiful city has to offer. My hobbies outside of medicine include musical theatre and live music - both of which are so vibrant here. When I found the opportunity to train at a large, multi-specialty hospital with a lot of research and fellowship options, but with the atmosphere of community encouragement and camaraderie, and all in one of my favorite places, I knew Ochsner was the program for me. I am so happy to be here and I cannot envision a better place to train. After residency, I hope to specialize in rheumatology.