Welcome to the Internal Medicine Residency website! I hope that your visit will give you a taste of what Ochsner has to offer.

There are many good residency programs throughout the country, but we believe that Ochsner Internal Medicine is ahead of the game. Nowhere else will you find our combination of incredible patient diversity, cutting edge technology, educational innovation, both Clinical and Quality Improvement research excellence, career advancement and attention to quality of life.

1. Amazing Residents in a Supportive Learning Environment

Residency takes you out of the classroom and into the wards where team work and friendships are key. We believe that life is too short to spend it with disgruntled colleagues so we put an emphasis on creating a supportive environment for learning and look for well rounded and diverse applicants. Whether you are working together at the bedside or getting together after hours, the quality of the time you spend with your colleagues is essential to your professional growth. Although our admission standards are rigorous, we place an emphasis on character in our applicants and residents. Through our scheduling process, built in vacations and minimization of call nights and night-float responsibilities we help facilitate the balance between work and life that is key to happy residents.

2. Patient Diversity in the Most Progressive Healthcare Institution in the Gulf South Region

Our patient population has always been one of our program’s greatest assets. The greater metropolitan area of New Orleans is remarkably socially and culturally diverse, providing a stimulating experience for medical training. For more than 60 years, Ochsner Clinic has cultivated referrals from Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Gulf Coast. Current specialty programs, such as heart failure and transplantation, attract patients from Puerto Rico, the Middle East, the Carribean and Central America. In addition, we maintain our commitment to the care of all of our cities population. This amazing combination of training opportunities provides not only diversity in patient demographics (race, religion, socio-economic status), but also diversity and severity of disease. The Ochsner resident will see and manage diseases that other programs only read about. With over 5 associated hospitals , our facilities are bar none and with our nationally renowned services we provide cutting edge interventions and treatments to our patients. As an Ochsner Resident you will be in the forefront of medical advancements as they happen.

3. New Orleans

New Orleans is a city whose residents have experienced wonderful highs and endured significant tragedy but through it all have maintained the character and flavor of the Big Easy. It is a story of rebirth and renewal and as the largest healthcare provider in Southeast Louisiana, Ochsner is playing a key role in rebuilding and revitalizing the region. Whether you enjoy the performing arts, off-Broadway revivals, family time at our gorgeous city parks, incredible music, professional sports, outdoor activities and fishing and some of the best festivals and food in the world with a laidback friendly atmosphere, nowhere comes close to New Orleans. See some of residents votes for best picks!

Best Sports:

Live Music:

  • Preservation Hall – 726 Saint Peter St
  • Tipitina’s – 501 Napolean

Museums/Performing Arts/Family Fun:

Great Eats

  • Angelo Bracoto – One hundred year old Italian ice cream shop – 214 N Carrollton Ave
  • Commander’s Palace – 1403 Washington Ave
  • Jacquimos – no reservations needed, Alligator cheesecake to die for – 8324 Oak St.

4. Academic Curriculum and Emphasis on Education

The large group-practice model of the Ochsner Clinic provides an exceptional clinical faculty, comparable to many large university-based training programs across the country and our association with the Ochsner Clinical School students has brought faculty from across the globe to our institution. All our faculty are full-time clinicians who choose Ochsner because of its collegial atmosphere; the educational opportunity to teach students, residents, and fellows; and the ability to provide superior medical care. Residents develop close relationships with attending physicians who are not only excellent doctors but who have a sincere interest in residents’ personal and professional development.

To round off your bedside learning experience, we provide protected didactic times for education presentations, discussions and group learning. Our inpatient afternoon reports are run by our residents with a focus on complex patient presentations and differentials. Regular Board review sessions and MKSAP study groups are also available throughout the year along with journal clubs at local New Orleans restaurants. During our ambulatory blocks residents participate in a full day of interactive learning with our chief medical residents, core faculty and specialty lecturors—no pagers, no patient responsibilities, just teaching time!

We know that residency can be tough and we implemented our 4+2 system of scheduling to help you focus on what's important—your patients and your education. To help meet our ACGME requirements and facilitate a great resident continuity clinic experience, we have transitioned to a “4+2” system. This means that every 4 weeks of inpatient or consultative services is followed by 2 weeks of outpatient ambulatory clinics. This division allows your focus to remain on your team during wards and to cultivate a thriving panel of continuity clinic patients during your clinic time.

Ochsner recognizes the importance of primary care physicians in our community, and as a result, we have created the Primary Care Track. This residency track offers residents the opportunity to explore diverse areas of primary care and spend more time in the outpatient setting. After obtaining a firm foundation of medical knowledge during the intern year, residents experience an intensive outpatient curriculum for the PGY-2 and PGY-3 years. In continuity clinic, the residents will develop longitudinal relationships with their own panel of patients. Other outpatient learning opportunities will include Urgent Care, ENT, Ortho, Population Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Care, GYN, Cardiology and more.

5. Research Opportunities

At Ochsner, we use our numerous subspecialty programs to our research benefit. If you have an interest in participating in clinical or performance focused research, we know someone interested in working with you. We even support our residents financially through institutional scholarships like the Edward D. Frohlich, MD Research Award and the Dean H. Echols Award for Clinical Writing and through publication in the Ochsner Journal. Between our state of the art medical and surgical facilities, our nationally renowned transplantation and cardiology departments, or our focus on multidisciplinary quality improvement, we are confident that you will find a project that brings out your passion for innovation and change.

At Ochsner, you will have the opportunity to explore and pursue all aspects of internal medicine, whether general or subspecialty, academic or practice oriented. I am proud of the accomplishments of our residents and the part they are playing in rebuilding a great American city.

William Davis, MD, FACP
Program Director