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The Ochsner system is committed to pursuing innovation and long term improvement in how we care for our patients. From clinical trials to population health to technology in medicine, Ochsner is on the front line of medical discovery.

Residents are able to tap into the expertise, support, and connections that our system provides to develop their own research portfolio and provide a platform for success in their future careers.

We believe a well-rounded residency program not only includes an excellent clinical experience, but provides ample research opportunities to foster ones’ interests and become an "expert" in a particular topic. During PGY-2 and PGY-3 years, every resident takes part in a longitudinal experience with a culminating project of the resident’s choosing, generating original ideas in clinical research, medical education or quality improvement under the guidance from a faculty mentor. The resulting projects are ultimately presented as a third year Grand Rounds, and additionally often lead to poster presentations, publications, and other academic output.

Ochsner strives to provide the safest, most efficient care possible for our patients through a strong focus on the science of improvement. We emphasize innovation, teamwork, and systems practices in a multidisciplinary setting to create sustainable changes. Our residents are not simply bystanders in this process - through their unique front-line viewpoints and fresh approaches to problems, they are active participants and even leaders in the efforts to continually improve the care our patients receive.

Successful research requires more than just a great idea. Our biostatisticians, research librarians, clinical journal editor, medical illustrator, bioinformaticists, and others help to assure you are able to collect, interpret, and present your data, while our collaborations within Louisiana and across the world allow for opportunities beyond one institution.

There are in house opportunities for academic output, including our quarterly Ochsner Journal, as well as our annual research day.