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Welcome to the Ochsner Neuroscience Institute (ONI) Residency Homepage. It is an exciting time to dive into a career steeped in Neuroscience and plumb the depths of the final frontiers of the human experience. Honing clinical skills and learning in a supportive, diverse and inclusive environment is something we do on a regular basis, with a mix of didactics on diagnosis, management and treatment of known neurologic problems and pushing the envelope with our faculty on clinical acumen and skill building as well as cutting edge research and technological applications of clinical delivery of care models. A fascination with and commitment to lifelong learning about Neurology is a great start, but partnering with the ONI will elevate those with the drive and dedication to the next level in their career and along their path in life.

José Posas III, MD, FAAN
Program Director

We proudly serve the citizens of not only the Gulf Coast, but also see patients from around the region and patients from around the world. We see patients of means and patients who have significant barriers and issues with socio economic hurdles impairing the quality of their care. We treat them compassionately and with respect. The community we serve has recognized us by honoring us with a Top 50 recognition for the last 9 years in a row. This humbling achievement spurs us collectively onward to not only continue to deliver best in region care, but also to build and improve on it. In addition to delivering this care via our Comprehensive Stroke Center, ALSA Certified ALS Center, Level 4 NAEC Certified Epilepsy Center, Parkinson’s Center for Excellence, MS Center of Excellence and Level 2 HSCA certified Huntington's Disease Center. Our Neuroscience Department spearheads the Telemedicine efforts at Ochsner and has embraced the change that technology has offered, learning the pros and the cons along the way. We have also embraced the advantages of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D printing with the Ochsner Neurosciences Medical 3D lab. Our Brain Health center has been delving into Population Health and Machine Learning initiatives with other academic institutions to help better the care we give to the communities we served. Our Neurocritical Care unit provides high complexity and high acuity care in our state of the art 34 bed critical care unit.

Here at ONI, we strongly believe in “fit over fill”. We want to make sure that you are the right person to work with us for the years of your training, and collaboration beyond. We do not use USLME score cut offs to define you as an applicant, nor do we use country of origin to define you as an applicant. We encourage the learner to define themselves and we encourage growth along the educational and training journey with exposure to subspeciality disciplines on the inpatient and outpatient experiences. We bring our learners in contact with subspecialty training in epilepsy, headache, vascular neurology, movement disorders, sports neurology, traumatic brain injury, cognitive neurology, neuromuscular disease, neurocritical care and neuroimmunology, to name a few. We offer an ACGME accredited Vascular Neurology Fellowship and have non-ACGME accredited fellowships in Neuroimmunology, Movement Disorders, Interventional Neurology, and Neurocritical Care at this time, with the potential to expand horizons. We pair PGY2s with faculty Mentors as they advance through their academic careers to be able to advise about life during training and life after training.

A city that is older than the United States of America itself, New Orleans can feel like unlike any other American City. Food, Music, and Culture all abound and celebrate the diversity of life that has transformed over time and evolved with French, Spanish and Caribbean influences. Pockets of green space and trees older than a century or two serve to inspire, even as explorers perspire. Beating the heat here can be done with the cool cats on Frenchman Street or with the chilly options of Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, day or night, depending on your mood. This is a relatively small city geographically and is relatively flat enough to ride a bike around. Seafood comes in abundance from Lake Ponchatrain, the Mighty Mississippi, or the Gulf of Mexico itself. There is also a small but burgeoning vegetarian and vegan scene here, restaurant wise, and whole outdoor food festivals devoted to competitive barbeque, fried chicken, oysters, mirliton and the signature Po-Boy, to name a few. New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz, Big Frieda, lil Wayne, Harry Connick Jr, Dr. John, Irma Thomas, Jon Batiste, Wynton Marsalis, Mahalia Jackson, and Frank Ocean. Four years in our fair city is enough time to find inspiration and connection to a strange and wonderful place such as this. “Be Nice, Or Leave” can be seen on small signs all over the city and embodies an attitude of inclusion, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, belief, gender identity, sexual orientation, or status. We live that value in our training program.

In sum, I believe our program offers exceptional training by committed faculty in one of the most interesting cities in the country. Thank you for your interest in the Neurology Residency Training program at the Ochsner Neuroscience Institute. I hope you will consider visiting us to meet our faculty, residents, program, and the city of New Orleans.