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Residency training at Ochsner Hospital for Children uses an apprenticeship model of training, gradually allowing autonomy to future pediatricians as competence and confidence grow. Our goal is to train exceptional pediatricians by encouraging growth in areas that residents are intrinsically interested in. We recognize that no two pediatricians will have or desire exactly the same job and would like to prepare you for your particular place in the world.

Over the course of your intern year, you will see how pediatricians work in different settings and subspecialties, ultimately selecting a track for the second two years of your training. Within these tracks you will have longitudinal exposure to mentors to train you in clinical care and additional work needed to become exceptional your area of interest.

Our faculty are known for their work, dedication, and innovation in medical care along with their advocacy and research. Please take a moment to look through our website. We look forward to meeting you in the upcoming residency interview season.