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Freddie Joseph, MD
STAR - Science Technology Academics Research
ABLE African Americans Building and Leading Equality

Freddie Joseph, MD

I have had the privilege of actively engaging with Ochsner's Education and Community Outreach Department, immersing myself in their diverse range of programs designed to foster connections between healthcare professionals at Ochsner and various community organizations and partners. One area where I have contributed is through mentoring medical student community health science fairs for children, offering guidance and sharing knowledge to inspire the younger generation. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to deliver informative lectures to a select group of high school students hailing from different schools within the community. These experiences have allowed me to make a meaningful impact by sharing my expertise and passion for healthcare while forging invaluable connections with the broader community.

I have been actively involved in the Ochsner resource group, African Americans Building & Leading Equality (ABLE), which serves as a platform to connect individuals within Ochsner's diverse medical workforce and involve them in local community initiatives. Within ABLE, I have been collaborating with a dedicated team to establish a longitudinal mentorship program aimed at empowering youth from the community. Our vision is to partner with a local school, offering educational programs and providing direct access for young individuals to engage with professionals in the healthcare field. By participating in ABLE and contributing to this mentorship program, I am proud to be part of an organization dedicated to fostering positive change, supporting education, and empowering the next generation within our community.