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Each of the Fellows participate in four half-day Rheumatology clinics under the direction of assigned faculty with one of the four clinics being continuity clinic.

Each of the Fellows rotate on the hospital consultation service on a scheduled basis for a two-week period. This provides a broadened and intensive exposure to inpatient rheumatic disease patients including complicated connective tissue/autoimmune disease and vasculitis.

Additionally, there is a rotation to Ochsner Clinic Baton Rouge which provides community-based exposure to additional Rheumatologists with extensive experience in joint injections and musculoskeletal ultrasound for three half-day clinics based on a rotating schedule. During this rotation, the Fellow will also be attending a half-day clinic at St. Thomas Community Health Center to gain exposure to underserved patients requiring rheumatologic evaluation. During that same rotation, there is also a half-day clinic with Orthopedic Hand Surgery.

To further enhance education and experience with arthrocentesis and injections, an additional rotation in non-operative orthopedics with Darryl Stanga, Orthopedic P.A. to take place on Thursday afternoons in Orthopedic clinic.

There is also a required rotation for one-half day clinic weekly at Children’s Hospital Rheumatology Clinic under the direction of Dr. Abraham Gedalia for experience and continuity clinic to provide education in juvenile rheumatic disease.