Conferences and Didactics

There is an extensive series of conferences offered to our Fellows:


Multidisciplinary Conferences

  • Rheumatology/Nephrology Clinic Pathologic Conference
  • Rheumatology/Podiatry Conference
  • Rheumatology/Orthopedic Conferences


  • Research Conference
  • Fellowship Conference
  • CityWide Rheumatology Conference
    Attended by invited rheumatologists throughout the metropolitan New Orleans area
  • Fellow Administrative Conference
  • Core Research Lecture Series and Internal Medicine Core Lecture Series
    These conferences address topics such as ethics, establishing medical practice, malpractice, medical insurance issues, etc.


  • Journal Club


  • Case Conference
    Interesting or illustrative cases are presented, one or two per week.
  • Clinical and Basic Science Lectures
    Provided by the faculty and can also be given by the senior Fellows

Attendance is mandatory at all conferences.


The Fellows are evaluated regularly in multiple ways in order to ensure that they achieve competency in each of the six core competency categories. In addition, there is monthly evaluation of the attending staff by the Fellows as well as quarterly evaluation of the Rheumatology Program, again, all in the context of achieving the six core competencies. Other evaluation techniques include mini-CEX, Evaluation by Lay Staff, Patient Satisfaction Surveys as well as competency cards. The evaluation forms are in large measure available online in the New Innovations Residency System.

The Fellows are also required to demonstrate competency in joint aspiration injection and examination under polarized light. They are instructed on the use of the capillary microscope, the use of the screening heel ultrasound device for osteoporosis, and also the essentials of DEXA interpretation and evaluation.

Rotations & Clinics

Currently there are required rotations with Dr. Luis Espinoza at LSU Health Sciences Center, Department of Rheumatology which provide an extensive outpatient experience in multiple clinical settings throughout the New Orleans Metropolitan Area and also including a rotation at Earl K. Long Hospital Outpatient Clinic in Baton Rouge.

There is a required one month rotation in Orthopedics, typically in January of the second year, and there are optional rotations according to interest for podiatry, neurology with EMG and MRI of musculoskeletal disease with radiology.

In addition, there is a new optional rotation to Ochsner Clinic Baton Rouge where the Fellow will participate with Drs. Lindsey, Ho and Shannon to experience a more community-oriented practice, a style still with academic affiliation and teaching. In addition, they are exposed to the value of a physician’s assistant and nurse practitioner in the setting of an academic facility.

There is also a required rotation for one-half day clinic either weekly or biweekly at Children’s Hospital Rheumatology Clinic under the direction of Dr. Abraham Gedalia for experience and continuity clinic to provide education in juvenile rheumatic disease.

Each of the Fellows rotate in the hospital consultation service on a scheduled basis for periods of one to two weeks. This provides a broad exposure to inpatient rheumatic disease patients including complicated connective tissue disease and vasculitis. The Fellows have at least three and usually four half-day outpatient clinics supervised by each of the attending staff which provide continuity throughout the two years of Fellowship.