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The Fellows are expected to publish in peer-reviewed journals during the course of their 2-year fellowship and are required to participate in clinical research projects ongoing within the department. They also have an option to participate in ongoing basic research projects with the Department of Cellular Immunology including the use of the collagen induced arthritis model of Rheumatoid Arthritis and the MRL/LPR mouse lupus model.

In addition to a formal clinical and research project, the Fellows are encouraged to publish case reports and literature reviews.

Our Fellows are also expected to participate in a Quality Improvement or Quality Assurance Project either on an institutional level or within the Department of Rheumatology. There is also opportunity for additional clinical or basic science research with Dr. Espinoza at LSU Health Sciences Center or with Dr. Gedalia at Children’s Hospital.

The Fellows are required to pass a course demonstrating education regarding good clinical practice in clinical research trials. They are also encouraged to actively participate in clinical drug, biologic, and device trials that are ongoing within the department.