There is a fantastic breadth and volume of clinical work for our residents. We average over 800 major cardiovascular cases and 800 thoracic cases a year as well as a rapidly growing congenital program. Emphasis is on excellent clinical outcomes and patient care. This clinical experience allows the residents to participate in all areas of adult cardiac surgery with special emphasis on Valve repair, aortic surgery, minimally invasive techniques, coronary surgery, mechanical support and TAVR. Thoracic surgery exposure includes all types of minimally invasive techniques for esophageal and pulmonary resections involving robotic and thorascopic approaches as well as state-of-the-art airway and esophageal endoscopic procedures. There is also the opportunity to participate in our robust Thoracic Transplant and Congenital Heart surgery programs. This should adequately cover the case requirements for two residents each year. The department is actively involved in clinical research trials which include but are not limited to: Everest hemostatic agent, Impella RP, Impella Bridge, Heartware destination therapy, C pulse, HeartMate 3, Partner Trial, Mitra Clip, Portico, Ochsner Tumor Biobank.

The division is comprised of three adult cardiac surgeons, two thoracic surgeons, and two congenital surgeons. Two thoracic residents are responsible for managing the inpatient cardiac service and thoracic service. The care teams for these services include the faculty, general surgery residents assigned to the service, midlevel providers, nurses in the clinic, and first assistants in the operating room. The team responsible for clinical care currently involves general surgery residents on the services and in the ICU overnight and Thoracic Residents take call from home.