Ochsner Medical Library is pleased to offer a collection of healthcare business and professional development audiobooks to all Ochsner employees. We've partnered with Audible (an Amazon company) to offer a curated selection of audiobooks based on Ochsner culture and values. These may be listened to online using a computer or on a smartphone with the Audible mobile app.

To sign up for audiobook access, you must first request a Medical Library book account. Be sure to check the “audiobook" format on the form. You must request this even if you already have an existing personal Audible account.

Within a few days, you will receive a separate email from Audible to activate your Ochsner audiobook account. Use your existing Audible/Amazon login credentials to confirm your new Ochsner account. If you don’t have this, you will be prompter to create one. Then start listening using your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Refer to our Ochsner Audiobook Guide for set-up instructions on using Audible with your computer or personal mobile device. 

After you have activated your new Ochsner Audiobook account, use your login to find everything that is available in the Ochsner Medical Library Audible Collection.

Clicking on the “Start Listening” button of an audiobook automatically adds it to your personal Audible Library account. Ochsner employees have access to four (4) audiobooks per month so it is important to only select an audiobook when you are ready to start listening. Your Audible Library account cannot be used as a “wish list” to save audiobooks for future listening.

If you have a title suggestion for an audiobook for our collection, send it to medicallibrary@ochsner.org.