Mobile and Remote Access

Off-site and mobile device access to web-based resources is available for current Ochsner faculty, students, staff, and employees using the following methods.


BrowZine is an app for personal mobile devices to access journals from the Ochsner Medical Library. Use BrowZine for off-site and on-site mobile access to full-text articles from journals in our collection.

  1. Download the free BrowZine app to your iOS device or Android device.
  2. Go to your device’s settings and connect to the Ochsner WiFi network (OHSGUEST). You must be on-site at Ochsner to perform this step.
  3. Open the BrowZine app, select 'Ochsner Medical Library' from the list of libraries, and then register an account. You must first complete this one-time registration of your device on-site before off-site access is enabled.

For help with setting up BrowZine, watch this short video:


OHSLink is our system application for off-site connection to the Ochsner network and Ochsner Medical Library. Use OHSLink for off-site desktop access to journals, books, and databases in our collection.

  1. Go to OHSLink and log in using your Ochsner network username and password. You may need to download a Citrix file the first time you use OHSLink.
  2. Click on ‘Ochsner Medical Library’ to open our website and search the available licensed resources in our holdings (see the image below).
  3. Full-text access is available within your authenticated browser as long as you remain logged in to OHSLink.

If you have a technical issue with remote access, call Ochsner IS at 1-877-379-5309 or use Support Chat for online assistance.