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Reference management (also referred to as citation management) software is used to organize, evaluate, and annotate the results of a literature search and keep track of the relevant articles, books, and images. These tools can help you to gather, manage, cite, and share bibliographic references from webpages in a personal research database.

The following options are approved for use on Ochsner-issued computers.


There are two options available. EndNote Desktop is for collecting and organizing references from online or other sources to create a searchable personal database of references and includes a feature that automates formatting reference citations. EndNote Basic is free web-based (cloud) version making it useful for when using multiple computers or if working collaboratively. Register your own free account (Ochsner IS Software Licensing is not needed)


Mendeley Reference Manager is a free web-based tool that allows for highlighting and annotations directly on the article PDF. It generally is for those who are using a reference manager for personal projects rather than participating in a lot of group work.


Zotero is a freely available open-source tool offering desktop and web versions for both Windows and Mac. Zotero allows you to collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources and enables the download, capture, and indexing of full text from PDFs and websites.

EndNote Desktop, Mendeley Reference Manager, and Zotero can be requested through Ochsner IS Software Licensing for installation on Ochsner-issued computers. Go to HUB Service Portal, click on the "Use external login" link, and then login with your Ochsner User ID. Provide the requested information and Ochsner IS will contact you about installing the software.

For other questions about reference and citation management tools at Ochsner, contact the Ochsner Medical Library at or 504-842-3760.