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Andrea Laxey

Education Program Manager

The Ochsner Pediatrics Residency will only accept applications through the ERAS system. Please do not send applications directly to us.

When ERAS opens we will begin a holistic review of applications, using two rounds of review. The first review examines only your CV and personal statement. We review applications for a fit to our program, including ability to make use of longitudinal rotations (eg longitudinal work in advocacy, quality improvement, community engagement, research, or other efforts in your CV), interests in training in a resource-limited setting (experiences working in similar settings to what you would encounter here), likelihood to enter an area of pediatrics for which there is great need after training (eg primary care, endocrinology, nephrology, development, rheumatology, infections diseases), and motivation to become a great pediatrician (described in your personal statement). We want to make sure that we interview applicants that would make the most use of our resources. Applicants identified in the first round of reviews will be invited to November and December interview dates with invitations sent within a month of ERAS opening.

The second round of review includes all components of the application, looking for the same characteristics described above. As applications are identified, applicants are invites to fill any open interview dates in October and November, and if these are filled, dates will be opened in January.

We do not take into account the school you graduate from, your country of birth, your citizenship or other factors unless they directly relate to the variables described above. If you reflect on the students you trained alongside, you will realize that you are different from them. While your school may have influence over the student body as a whole, each of you has a different path. We are looking for applicants that fit with our program’s goals, and so assess you as an individual. Similarly we do not believe that grades or exam scores directly reflect on whether a person becomes an exceptional pediatrician. While we will assess our ability to support those with academic struggles as part of our evaluation, we are most interested in your ability to contribute substantively to the care of children over the course of your career.

We sponsor J1 visas for those that are not citizens of the US that are a good fit for our program.

If we find your application to be a good fit for our program, and you are couples matching, we will contact your match partner’s program to determine whether your match partner will be invited to interview. In general, we will offer interviews once they confirm that your partner will be interviewed. If your partner obtains an interview at a non-Ochsner program within the New Orleans area, please reach out to us to let us know. Because of the exceptional numbers of couples matching applications we get, we can not offer interviews until we know that your partner will also be considered for their specialty here in New Orleans. We know that the couple’s match is stressful and expensive because in general, couples matching applicants apply to far more programs. It is ok to delay application to our pediatrics program until your partner secures an interview. We will not hold delayed applications against those applying in this way.

The purpose of program signals is to demonstrate interest in a residency program, and replaces the older reliance on emailing programs to explain interest. If you wish to signal your interest in our program, we prefer this to be done through ERAS rather than email. If there are significant changes in your situation (such as described in the couples match above) then please do email the program director: