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Alton Ochsner, M.D.

Selected Published Papers:

Cancer of the lung. Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society, 1954.
On the bitter truth about tobacco. Executive Health, 1973.
My first recognition of the relationship of smoking and lung cancer. Preventive Medicine, 1973.


Edgar Burns, M.D.

Selected Published Papers:

Prostatic obstruction and some of its common complications. New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, 1944.
Surgical procedures on the vesical neck. Trans Am Assoc Genitourin Surg, 1957.


Guy A. Caldwell, M.D.

Selected Published Papers:

New developments in the treatment of compound fractures. Trans Southern Surgical Assn, 1940.
Spondylolisthesis: analysis of 59 consecutive cases. Trans Southern Surgical Assn, 1943.
Repair of bony defects associated with osteomyelitis. Trans Southern Surgical Assn, 1945.


Francis E. LeJeune, M.D.

Selected Published Papers:

Lipidol in otolaryngology. New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, 1929.
The surgical treatment of early carcinoma of the larynx. Laryngoscope, 1951.
Tumors of the larynx. J La State Med Soc, 1955.


Curtis Tyrone, M.D.

Selected Published Papers:

Hysterectomy; a personal experience with 2000 consecutive cases in private practice. Ann Surg, 1951.
Total hysterectomy, vaginal or abdominal. J La State Med Soc, 1953.
Procidentia of the uterus; experience with 166 cases. Ann Surg, 1957.