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Release Date: April 26, 2024

Two women holding a clear glass award trophy

The Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Center’s (AIAMC) Annual Meeting was held April 5-6 in Tucson, AZ which included a 35th Anniversary Celebration of the organization.

Ochsner Health honored as a 30+ year member. Ochsner joined the AIAMC in the early 1990s, and senior academic leaders have helped the organization grow and thrive.

Accepting the award on behalf of Ochsner Health was Praveena Mylvaganam, MD. She is pictured here with AIAMC Board President Heather Sankey, MD.

The AIAMC was founded in 1989 and is the only national organization dedicated to addressing the unique needs of independent academic medical centers.

Former AIAMC Board Directors and Presidents from Ochsner include George Porter III, MD (deceased) in the 1990s, William Pinsky, MD in the early- to mid- 2000s, Ronald Amedee, MD in the mid-2010s, Shelly Monks, FACHE in the late-2010s, and recent appointee Rajiv Gala, MD, Designated Institutional Official, Graduate Medical Education.

The AIAMC is committed to delivering exceptional patient care through education and innovation by creating and implementing real-world, sustainable solutions that equip our members to thrive in the ever-changing regulatory and accreditation environment.