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Notice to Applicants

Ongoing Efforts

The Ochsner General Surgery Residency stands in solidarity with groups and individuals outraged by acts of racial injustice. We recognize that we have not done enough to support under-represented minority efforts for equity and equality. The Ochsner General Surgery Residency supports and will actively engage in efforts to confront injustice, enhance minority opportunity, and make our residency a supportive environment for all trainees and faculty regardless of race or any other minority status.

We commit to:

  1. educating our residents and faculty about racial injustices and their impact on healthcare disparities.
  2. having difficult conversations about the unique challenges faced by minority patients and members of our group.
  3. community outreach in order to gain a personal understanding regarding the challenges associated with minority status for our patients and co-workers. We hope that an improved understanding will lead to better outcomes for our patients and a better work environment for all members of our group.
  4. a re-examination of our application screening process. We want to expand our pool and dig deeper into minority student applications to identify previously unappreciated accomplishments in the educational and personal growth process.
  5. providing the necessary mentoring and support to maximize retention and professional success of underrepresented minorities that train in our residency program.